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Sherry grew up in the baby-boom generation. Her early years were in Northern Indiana.  At the tender age of two, the family moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where Sherry graduated from Seneca High School and attended college.After many years in the medical field, Sherry retired to begin a new chapter in her life and that was Genealogy.  Sherry and her current husband have a blended family of five children and twelve grandchildren.  In her spare time, Sherry enjoys her growing extended family and writing articles on family history. This book you are holding is her first published book. Sherry believes you will enjoy the stories within.


Bullitt County Family History

Looking into the history of Bullitt County, KY how did Bullitt County get its name?  The early settlers came into the area before Bullitt County became a county.   The Johnson family was one of the first settlers. Where did they settle; what happened to the Johnson family children when attacked by Indians?

What tragedies hit other families that called Bullitt County home? Who was Kate Browning and how did prohibition affect the family? Discover how the Postal Service come to be in Bullitt County.  How did folks get their mail back then?

In the day of iPhones and Internet, let’s take a look back at the challenges of living in those times. Buy a copy of Bullitt County Family History and discover, learn and re-live the challenges these families of old faced each day.

Bullitt County Family history covering over 200 years of history. A great resource book for genealogist. Stories of the early families of Bullitt County, KY Written to entertain, educate and inspire young and young-at-heart readers!

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