Don't Die with the Story Inside


Author Rob Roy Herzog


In this delightfully light hearted book Rob Roy Herzog, a retired intelligence officer, presents a collection of interesting, intriguing, unusual, and often humorous stories gathered in the course of a varied life. He grew up in a very small town in Kentucky in the years before television, went to 12 years of school with mostly the same kids, took his gun to school more than once without causing comment, and then joined the US Navy to serve on five different aircraft carriers during the early years of the Vietnam War.

  As part of his naval service he traveled to Australia, where he met his future wife, Daphne. Following his discharge he returned to Australia to marry, settled in Townsville, on Australia’s north eastern tropical coast, and slowly became an Aussie, with a few missteps along the way. He prospected in the bush for copper and gold, delivered the mail, and had a variety of public service jobs.


G'day Y'all

In 1981 he moved his family to Australia’s national capital, Canberra, to take up a position in the Australian Intelligence Community. For over two decades he analyzed satellite imagery and monitored ballistic missile programs during the final years of the Cold War. Then he became a political/military analyst studying events in South Asia, sometimes dabbling in matters in Africa and the Middle East.

  So he has many interesting tales to tell but does not take either himself or life in general too seriously.

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