Don't Die with the Story Inside


Author River Crowe


River Crowe now resides southeastern Kentucky, overlooking picturesque Lake Cumberland. He is married and the father of one little girl and oversees the care of his disabled mother and sister. He has returned to writing, following an extended hiatus after the publication of  this book. He is currently working on a book of short stories and plans to be published by the end of the year.


Goble Crowe Just Deserved Better

There is nothing fancy about River Crowe's prose. It's not rife with sincerity when none is due, nor is it edited to the point of being phony. The pages of this simple novella are remembrances drawn from a life that can hardly be described as memorable. But as Crowe brings to life hurt and betrayal of the worst sort, the reader finds himself in awe of the healing power of forgiveness and the strength found in self-reliance.

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