Don't Die with the Story Inside


Author Bill Troutwine


As written by his sister, Shela Bolus:

Many people have told me they think my brother is a very interesting person, or maybe I should say, ‘Interesting Character.’  Coupled with the fact that he has a talent in the art of storytelling, as well as, great material from his true life experiences, I have asked him multiple times over many years to write down some of his experiences.  He always replied that he didn’t know where to start.  I even gave him a tape recorder and asked him to just start talking.  Still no luck.  And finally, one Christmas, I convinced him that writing about some of his adventures would be a great gift to his kids and grandkids.  Somehow, that struck a chord with him, and he started “pumping” out the stories faster than I could read them.


The Life and Times of "Wild Bill Troutwine"

Here you will find a collection of short stories taken from the very interesting life Bill has lived. Some stories are funny, and some are serious. You will become involved in the action, whether in a shootout on the streets of Jefferson County, Kentucky; a riot in the street in Belfry, Montana; wrestling a mountain lion on a mountain near Libby, Montana; being stranded in the tundra of Alaska; or recruiting Yellowstone grizzly bears to rid a campground of a motorcycle gang. You will experience a range of emotions from laughter to the seriousness of saving lives. You will feel the special bond formed between a man and a wild mustang, the excitement of mountain rescues, the challenges of law enforcement, and the dedication of family. Most of all, you will see Montana from the eyes of someone who is totally captivated by the beauty and mystique of this expansive country.

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