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Author Anna Drury


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Anna Drury,  the pen name for Mary C. Drechsel, for her latest adventure, Christian Women's Fiction.

Also know as Sissy Marlyn, she's been writing since the tender age of eight. Writing stories in her head while in church with her family, they always remarked on how well she behaved. Little did they know she conjured up story after story of fellow parishioners.

Anna discovered an old Royal manual typewriter in the basement of her childhood home. She taught herself how to type and life for her has never been the same!

Doing a ten page book report would turn into a novella!  Mastery of English in high school was the bane of many of her peers, but not for Sissy!  Combine a fertile imagination with a 100 word per minute typewriter skill and you are in for a treat!


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Jacquelines Journey

By: Anna Drury

When Jacqueline Forest meets a stranger on a dark country road, will this chance encounter lead to a major life change and the possibility of life-long love? Follow Jacqueline's life journey as she offers unconditional love to two, long-time friends, in their times of need, and discovers that renewed faith in God can indeed bring about miraculous changes in one's life.

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