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About Us Gary and Mary Drechsel (Sissy Marlyn) started Bearhead Publishing LLC (BhP) in 2005 to move Sissy’s third book into the marketplace and to help other new, aspiring authors get their manuscripts published and into the market. Today, BhP has over fifteen authors in our family of authors and has produced over sixty book in various genres. Our Values We believe in paying it forward. We started this business so that we can help other authors be successful. Honesty and integrity are the backbone of our business interactions. We are respectful of the creative process and understand what it takes to nurture greatness. Our Authors Our authors mean the world to us!  We want you to get to know each of them and become acquainted with their works. You’ll find out all about them as they have their own special category. Personalized Service We believe in personalized service! When you contact Bearhead Publishing, you get one-on-one attention every step of the way. Whenever possible, we actually sit down face to face with the new author. Passionate We’re passionate about what we do! We offer our authors the ability to get to market much quicker than traditional methods… that means within WEEKS not MONTHS or YEARS! Our authors are always in control of their destiny. We encourage authors to get passionate about their work and lead their own marketing efforts with our guidance. Reach Your Target 99% of the authors that are looking to get published have absolutely no clue how the publishing process works. We go to great lengths to educate the new authors on the publishing process before they sign on with Bearhead Publishing. Our Commitment We are committed to be forthright and honest in all aspects of the author-publisher relationship. We consider our authors to be a part of the Bearhead family and support them in achieving their goals.


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